About Dr. Jason Horgan/Horgan Harness

Dr. Horgan is a South Florida native who grew up in Hollywood. He received his doctorate in veterinary medicine at the Ohio State University. Dr. Horgan joined a small animal emergency/ critical care residency, which he completed in July 2008. He received his board certification in Emergency/Critical Care Medicine in October of 2009. Dr. Horgan is currently an ICU Medical Director who attends to emergency and critical care cases personally and offers dialysis, endoscopy and long-term ventilation. Having completed a small animal surgical residency as well, Dr. Horgan also practices as a staff surgeon performing soft tissue, orthopedic, neurological, oncological and minimally invasive surgery. His unique background, being trained in two specialties that often go hand in hand, make him particularly qualified to deal with difficult surgical patients.

Dr. Horgan is also the Inventor/Founder/CEO of the Horgan Harness, the first and only back leg dog harness that will stop your dog from pulling guaranteed. He invented the Horgan Harness with a little help from his canine girl Maddie.  One evening back in 2008, Dr. Horgan saddled up Maddie in her standard harness and off they went for Maddie’s daily walk (or maybe we should say that she was walking him!). At 60 pounds, Maddie is very powerful and Dr. Horgan was the only person in the family capable of even attempting to walk her. Collars were always choking her and a standard ‘comfy fit’ harness was the only option that would allow her to NOT gag herself when walking.

Suddenly, she saw a stray cat & decided to take off in its direction. Even though Dr. Horgan grabbed her leash to hold her back, the effort was pointless and Maddie was long gone down the street.

Five minutes later Maddie had taken out most of the neighbors ground lighting with the leash dragging behind her and the cat luckily got away…this time. As Dr. Horgan laid on the ground staring up at the stars with a shooting pain coming from his right shoulder (he has since recuperated), he realized what the problem was: dogs use their back legs for power. All of the products on the market today, that are designed to control pulling, attach to the front part of the body. This is like applying the brakes to a moving car. However, a harness that could prevent the power from being generated from the back legs would be like shutting off the engine.

Dr. Horgan took this concept and patented the Horgan Harness – truly one of a kind. This product creates a gentle sensation to the back legs of your pet whenever you pull the leash and stops them in their tracks…literally! Maddie now goes for walks all the time with every member of the family, thanks to the Horgan Harness. Even Dr. Horgan’s three year old son can walk Maddie with 100% control.

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